In the therapy world we talk a lot about getting in touch with who we really are, using the therapeutic space as a safe place to talk about whatever is on our minds and in our hearts and to discover things maybe we didn’t even know about ourselves so we can gain better understanding of why we do the things we do. 


Perhaps, because we spend a lot of time not being who we truly are (in order to fit in, to project a desired image on social media or in person) we can begin to lose touch with our authentic self and may find ourselves lost, disillusioned or lonely.  Maybe this is why we turn to therapy as one way to help us find our way back again.


Ways to Tap Into Our Authentic Selves

Increasing Our Awareness

To begin any process of change, increasing awareness of our choices, our behavior and our internal state is the first step.  What do you notice are the patterns that arise when you are aiming to people please?  What pressures do you feel or that you place upon yourself?  What brings into a state of performing for others?  How can you help yourself be more at ease in your body and mind?

Knowing We Are Enough

Often we feel who we really are is not good enough or even shameful causing tremendous self-judgment.  Remind yourself you are enough as you are and there isn’t a need to push, pretend or change.

Practicing Presence

Being present and mindful can help us understand ourselves, our feelings, our inner experience.  Also, by practicing presence with others, we learn to respond to the moment with flexibility and authenticity.  We also listen more attentively when we focus on what the other is expressing rather than on how we want to respond or preoccupying ourselves with worry about what they think of us. 

As with any new way of approaching ourselves and our way of living and thinking, change takes time. It’s important, as always, to view any process as a process full of learning, set-backs and new learning to be discovered through the set-backs.

With love and support,