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About Me

My practice is devoted to working with adults who wish to explore ways to improve their relationships, increase self-understanding, self-compassion, curiosity and self-awareness.  By looking at the cultural, familial and internal influences that may prevent us from making congruent choices for ourselves, together we can explore potential barriers and reveal what you truly want for yourself.  Whether you are wanting to live with less stress, have experienced a recent life transition or want to improve your relationship with yourself and others, I am here to help.

My approach is exploratory, providing you with a safe, supportive environment to process thoughts and feelings.  I also view my role as a teacher, providing you with information on healthy relationship dynamics, ways to improve your communication skills, how to navigate important life decisions and how to tend to your overall well-being.  My style is warm, compassionate and gently reflective, providing you with thoughtful feedback to encourage growth and change.

As I truly believe the therapeutic relationship is such a personal decision and the greatest agent of growth and change, I am happy to discuss my approaches further with you via an initial phone consultation to see if we are a potential good fit and thank you for considering me on your personal growth journey.